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Anonym. «Come, o people»

The anonymous 12-voice concert «Come, o people» was written on the basis of a verse by Leo the Despot dedicated to the holiday of the Holy Trinity, presenting the main dogma of faith of the Eastern Christian Church. The main idea of trinity of the deity is revealed through a number of musical techniques: the words «one might, one essence, one Godhead» sound three times in the three-choir canon «diagonally», and then – in the chord interpretation, «horizontally»; the section in the meter 3/8 consists of three dynamic waves, each beginning with a three-choir endless canon at the words «O Holy Trinity» and reaching its climax with the repetition of the phrase «Glory be to thee» in the chord interpretation. A change of the duple meter for the perfect triple one is used to stress the words «and the Holy Spirit was in the Father», «and the Holy Spirit came into the world».

English translation

Come, o people,
let us worship the Godhead of three persons:
the Son in the Father, with the Holy Spirit;
for the Father timelessly begat
the Son, who is co-eternal and and equal in majesty;
and the Holy Spirit was in the Father,
glorified with the Son;
one might,
one essence,
one Godhead,
which we all worship saying:
Holy God
who created all things through the Son
and with the cooperation of the Holy Spirit.
Holy Mighty,
through whom we have known the Father
and the Holy Spirit came into the world;
holy Immortal,
the Spirit, the Comforter,
who proceeds from the Father
and rests in the Son.
O holy Trinity,
glory be to thee.

Vespers Doxastikon of the Great Vespers of Pentecost. Translation based on the texts used by the Orthodox Church in America and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

Original text

Прийдите, людие,
триипостасному Божеству поклонимся,
Сыну во Отцѣ, со Святым Духом:
Отец бо безлѣтно роди
Сына соприсносущна и сопрестольна,
и Дух Святый бѣ во Отцѣ
с Сыном спрославляем:
едина Сила,
едино Существо,
едино Божество.
Ему же покланяющеся вси глаголем:
Святый Боже,
вся содѣявый с сыном
содѣйством святого духа.
Святый Крѣпкий,
Имже Отца познахом,
и Дух Святый прииде в мир:
Святый Безсмертный,
утѣшительный Душе,
от Отца исходяй
и в Сынѣ почиваяй:
Тройце Святая,
слава Тебѣ.

Doxastikon of the Great Vespers of Pentecost.

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